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Max a beautiful german shepherd, was diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy 2 1/2 years ago.  The condition progresses within 6-8 months and the animals lose ability to walk and bladder/bowel control.  Max has been treated with acupuncture and is still up and walking/running after 2 1/2 years!  

Jack is a handsome dachshund who woke up paralyzed.  His owner was told that the only treatment option for Jack was to be euthanized.  After 4 treatments with acupuncture, Jack is running around still active and full of life!

Max the cat was on the verge of euthanasia secondary to pain.  He has a wonderful mother and veterinarian who had him on the best pain medicine possible, however, Max was hiding, and would not jump up on anything.  After one treatment Max was on the bed and counters again!  What an affectionate kitty he has turned out to be!  He still receives acupuncture monthly to keep him tuned up and rolls over and purrs during his sessions.  

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